LG 18650 2200 MAH Battery

LG 2200mAh Battery

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 275.00 Exc tax

Battery 3.6V 18650 (ICR18650 S3) size Cylindrical Li-Ion Cell
Nominal Voltage 3.6V Nominal
Nominal Capacity 2200mAh, Minimum 2150mAh
Maximum Charging Current 2.15A
Maximum Discharging Current 3.23A
Dimensions (Dia x H) (0.72″) 18.3 mm (Max 18.4mm) x (2.56″) 64.9 mm (Max 65.1mm)
Weight 47.0g (1.66 oz)
Internal Impedance Internal Impedance: less or equal to 90 mohm (with PTC)
Cycle Performance 80% of initial capacity at 300 cycles


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