48v 20ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack

48v 20ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Rs. 18,000.00 Exc tax

Battery Model:48V 30AhNominal Capacity (AH) :30AHNominal Voltage (V): 48VCell Source Resistance (mΩ) :about 40mΩCell Specification :3.7V 2.5AH 18650Cell Combination : 13-seriesCell OverCharge Protection Voltage:4.2V/CellCell Overdischarge Protection Voltage:3.0V/cellDischarge Cutoff Voltage (V) :40 +/- 1VCharge Cutoff Voltage (V) :54.6VRated Discharge Current (A): 30AMaximum peak discharge current (A): 60AMaximum Continuous Discharge Current (A) :30ACharger mode:CC/CV(Constant Current Constant Voltage)Standard Charge Current (A) :2ACharge Time under Standard Charge Current :12hFast Charge Current (A):5ACharge Time under Fast Charge Current:5hCharge Temperature Range :0-45°CDischarge Temperature Range:-20-65°CLife cycle:more than 700 cyclesBattery Weight : About 8kgs



High quality High current Built-in BMS , protect battery from overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit.


  1. High discharge lithium ion battery for electric scooter ;
  2. Can offer high continuous/peak power;
  3. Long lifespan, 6 to 7 years, 4 times of lead-acid battery;
  4. Safe, high-power and eco-friendly, have no heavy metal and corrosive fluid;
  5. Small in size, lightweight and with good performance;
  6. We offers battery pack + BMS + charger as a whole solution;
  7. Engineers would adjust BMS and charger as a whole system, customers just need to enjoy the convenience of usage;
  8. Lightweight and optimized size;
  9. Lightweight means energy would be saved due to total weight reduced and weight reduced also means long driving distance;
  10. Can accept fast charging, 3 to 5 hours can be fully charged;
  11. Batteries can also accept large charging current as energy regeneration by EV braking or reducing speed;

Applications :

  1. ·Electric Vehicles, such as E-bike, E-scooters, E-cars, E-bus;
  2. ·Electric boats, such as trolling fishing boat;
  3. ·Robots for industries and military;
  4. ·Remote data transfer system;
  5. ·Satellite communication station;
  6. ·Un-manned submarine;
  7. ·Un-manned aircrafts;
  8. ·Power tools, such as drilling, cutting and polishing tools;
  9. ·Power station for low temperature application, such as -40;
  10. ·Power supplier for Training systems, such as Torpedo Trainer.