Terms and Conditions


Acknowledgement of payment:  Since Genuine Power sends lots of quotations to various customers  daily, hence it seems quite difficult to identify which payments relates to which order hence we will consider as payments received only after the purchaser sends a copy of payment receipt and we verify the same wether it is received in our account or not. Only after receiving the payment receipt and after verification of receipt of the amount in our account we will consider as payment received and proceed for dispatch

Processing of Orders: We have a average turnaround time of 24 -72 hours after receiving payment  to process the order and ship the materials. However we strive our best in delivering  customer service hence we try to ship the orders same day provided if we receive  the payment before 2 pm on the same day. For all payments received after 2 pm in our account we will try to ship the goods the next day.

General terms: All goods sold by Genuine Power confirms to overrule all the terms and conditions given in the Purchase Order / email communications / verbal communications with soft copies and hard copies given by the buyer or accepted earlier by Genuine Power, if any. Hence the terms and conditions  shall prevail as final and obeyed before purchase.

Courier Terms: Since batteries are lithium and considered as dangerous goods and comes under IATA rules and regulations(Class 9), according to the shipping regulations it cannot be sent as air courier shipment. We are not liable for any delay or damage caused in the process of delivery by the courier company We recommend the buyer to provide the names of the courier companies preferred.  Genuine Power will endeavor to have the Goods delivered on the agreed delivery dates, but will not be held liable for late delivery. Late delivery does not entitle the Buyer to cancel the order.

Warranty: Genuine Power deals in good quality batteries from reputed manufacturers and distributors however Genuine Power provides no warranty / guarantee / replacement of any kinds to its buyers We ensure and test all our batteries before delivery to our buyers. Goods once sold will not be exchanged replaced or returned at any cost.

Variation of terms: No instruction, stipulation, condition or variation to any Terms and Conditions shall have any force or effect unless agreed to in writing by Genuine Power.

Payment terms: The payment terms are as 100% advance. The amount should be paid to our bank account mentioned in the email before dispatch.

Legal Liability: The Buyer shall be liable to pay all expenses and legal costs of Genuine Power (calculated as between solicitor and own client) in remedying any failure by the Buyer to make payment by the due date or any other breach by the Buyer of the Terms and Conditions of Genuine Power, such expenses and costs being calculated up to the date of payment by the Buyer.

Receipt of Payment: If the payment terms and conditions as agreed mentioned in the Proforma Invoice / Quotation is delayed then a penalty of 5% per week on the total amount of the invoice will be liable to be paid by the buyer.

Reserve Of Title: Once a Purchase Order is issued in the form of email / or as an official Purchase order will stand to be in force and cannot be cancelled by the buyer unless agreed by Genuine Power.

Litigation: The Sale is in accordance with Indian Law and will be subject to the Pune  jurisdiction only.

Communication:  Only the communication between Genuine Power and the buyer on Email will be considered as communication, any other forms of communication will not be considered as official and disputes related to it will not be entertained.

Material use: Most of the batteries that Genuine Power deals in are lithium batteries and as these batteries are considered as dangerous goods and are highly flammable and hazardous. Any misuse or accidents arising due to the use of these batteries or battery packs is not a responsibility of Genuine Power. Genuine Power will hence not be held responsible under any circumstances if the accidents happen while shipping / delivery of the battery or the misuse of the battery by the buyer, or accidents that may cause any kind of damage to human or any living/non living entity that happen at the buyers end. Genuine Power may not be aware of the purpose of purchase of the battery by the buyer and is hence not responsible for the misuse arising if any.